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PTL Connections is an Authorized Partner of Sage - Sage Payment Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of BMO Harris Bank N.A.
ISO/MSP Merchant Service Provider -  New York-Tulsa-Los Angeles
Publishing House & Marketing & Management Consulting Company

PTL Connections Publishing House
- A Publishing House to serve individual writer to publish in USA and can be printed in anywhere
  in the world.

- New Book Published: "Love Is The Shortest Way 愛是最短的道路" by Cecilia Chiam 黃芝婷 著   
                                  "Wedlock: Key To One Flesh 夫妻一體" by Cecilia Chiam 黃芝婷 著
- Creating and Design Website in English & Chinese with or without eCommerce.

MAServiceCenter.com   A Marketing Division of PTL Connections.
MASC is an Agent of HFS - an ISO/MSP Registered Agent of RBS Citizens, N.A., Providence RI.                                     

- A Merchant Service Provider serving in USA. Speaks English, Mandarin and other Chinese dialects.
Next day funding. No Contract. No Monthly Minimum. Free Management Consulting. Free Terminal*.
   24/7 Live Tech Support. Apply NOW. 


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- All terminals are in actual PRICES.

Check POS Conversion 
- For face-to-face transactions, Point of Sale Conversion enables merchants to process
  checks electronically ... just like a credit card. 

- A spiritual articles sharing site created in Chinese language. With sub-domain sites as below:

- You can read most of the articles written and published in newspapers and magazines. 
- A site created for people like you who like to order online.                

  We speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese & English.
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Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; Ephesians 6:2 [kjv]
要孝敬父母,使你得福,在世长寿。这是第一条带应许的诫命。 (以弗所书 6:2)

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